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COVID-19 Vaccine Center Opening Jan. 25 at Torrington Armory

January 20, 2021

Hartford HealthCare will open a COVID-19 vaccine clinic Jan. 25 in Torrington at the State Armory, 153 South Main St., with weekday and Saturday hours.

Connecticut recently began vaccinating the public against the virus, expanding guidelines of who can receive the vaccine to include those 75 years of age and older. (For more details on eligibility, click here.)

For your safety, all vaccinations are by appointment only. Walk-in appointments are not available.

The hours of operation for the Torrington clinic will be Monday 8 am-4 pm; Wednesday 10:30 am-6:30 pm; and Saturday 8am-4pm.

Starting Feb. 1, the clinic will operate four days a week: Monday 8 am-4pm; Wednesday 10:30 am-6:30 pm; Friday 8 am-4 pm; and Saturday 8 am-4pm.

To schedule an appointment, if you have a MyChartPLUS account already, simply log in, go to “Visits” or “Appointments” and choose a Hartford HealthCare vaccine clinic location.

If you do NOT have a MyChartPLUS account, you can set one up on the MyChartPLUS.org website. After scheduling your appointment, please use ECHECK-IN prior to your arrival. This will make sure we have all your information, and that you are providing consent to get the vaccine.

If you have questions or issues scheduling your vaccine in MyChartPLUS, please call the MyChart support line at 860.972.4993.

If you need help making an appointment or prefer to schedule your appointment by phone, call the Hartford HealthCare Access Center at 860.827.7690 or toll-free at 833.943.5721. For the most up-to-date information and scheduling help, click here.

When Visiting a Vaccine Clinic

Please remember to wear your mask when leaving your vehicle, and at all times until you return to your vehicle.

If this is your first dose, you will be given a small card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with your name and other information. Save this card and bring it with you for your second dose.

Be prepared to wait about 15 minutes — the “observation time” — after your vaccination.

Hartford Healthcare has administered over 30,000 vaccines. Vaccine clinics are also available in Hartford, Wethersfield, Norwich, and Shelton.