Charlotte Hungerford Hospital (CHH) Medical Record Online Portal is now MyChartPLUS.

Now that the transition and introduction to Hartford HealthCare and Charlotte Hungerford Hospital’s MYChartPLUS online medical information portal is complete, the two former portals “MyHEALTH” and “Multi-Specialty Group” will be closed down and no longer available beginning Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

If you have not already, please consider creating and using the up-to-date MYChartPLUS portal to view your medical information by clicking the link below and following the instructions.

Patient Laboratory and Radiology data from 2016 forward found on the previous portals is now available in the new MYChartPLUS portal.

If you are seeking medical information prior to these dates, you may make a request by calling the CHH Medical Records Office at 860.496.6670 or email at and they can fax, email, or mail a required release for you to sign and submit.

After submitting a signed release form, a hospital medical records representative will contact you when the information is ready and make arrangements to have it mailed or picked up if necessary.

Thank you for choosing Hartford HealthCare.

Sign up for MyChartPLUS

If you require to view medical information prior to October 1st, 2019, please use the former links below.

Login to CHH MyHealth Portal

Login to CHH Multi-Specialty Portal

Need Support or Have Questions?

If you are in need of technical support, or have a general question that has not been covered or addressed, click here.

*Access to the Patient Portal is restricted to patients and designated proxy only. It is not for emergency communications. If you need immediate attention, please call your physician, or 911.

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