Provider Leadership Development Institute Application

Vision: To foster a culture in which providers see themselves as partners and leaders throughout Hartford HealthCare.

Mission: To create a leadership development experience for providers that drives accountability and transforms patient and customer care across the entire system.

The Provider Leadership Development Institute “PLDI” at Hartford Healthcare is a nine-month program that provides advanced leadership skills and education to select providers practicing in the HHC System. Designed for providers who have the desire to explore leadership as a career path or those who are already in a leadership position, but would like to further develop their skills and relationships.

“I am so grateful for the experience and I can’t say enough about the changes I have made in my daily role because of the PLDI. It has truly helped me to garner the power of leadership and it guided me in how to apply the learning in a way that promotes progressive and sustainable growth.”

~ Keith Grant, APRN
Senior System Director of Infection Prevention

The curriculum and syllabus for the PLDI were created based on evidence and best practice research to support six core provider leadership competencies:

  • Management Skills (operations, legal, finance)
  • Strategic Planning (strategy cycle and assessment)
  • Knowledge of Healthcare (reimbursement, legislation, safety & quality assessment)
  • Problem Solving (project management, Lean)
  • Emotional Intelligence (feedback, leadership behaviors, coaching)
  • Wellness (resilience, agility)

Particular emphasis is placed on creating sessions that build off one another to provide an all-encompassing framework of the HHC system. We are interested in selecting a diverse group of individuals from group practice, hospitals and other HHC organizations with the objective of building relationships and learning from each other.

The Requirements:

  • Employed for affiliated with HHC or HHCMG for at least 1 year
  • Degreed MD, DO, APRN, PA, and/or Psy.D
  • Been in clinical practice for at least 3 years
  • Have manager support to participate

The Commitment:

The PLDI runs the first Wednesday each month from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

This program is supported by Hartford HealthCare and offered at no charge to participants. Successful applicants must be willing to commit to attend all monthly training and fully participate in development opportunities. This is an investment we are making to develop leaders for Hartford HealthCare. We want to ensure that those selected will take full advantage of this program. 

Watch this three minute video to see PLDI in action.


Contact the Program Manager at 860.696.6357 or

Contact Us

Rocco Orlando III, MD
Sr. Vice President & Chief Medical Officer
Executive Program Sponsor

Clara Riley, Director, M.S.,
Director, Department of Culture, Integration, & Coaching
Program Advisor

Jacqueline McGuire, M.S., Manager, Department of Culture, Integration, & Coaching
Program Manager