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Expert One-2-One Care, Close To Home

undefinedIf you’re having a baby – or planning to – The CHH Maternity Center offers expert maternity care in a personalized, family-friendly setting for women throughout Northwestern Connecticut. We offer one-to-one maternity service care during labor and delivery, single-room maternity care, advanced technology, “rooming-in” for moms and their babies, a highly trained and caring staff, inviting and comfortable rooms, special amenities for new parents and much more. We also provide the support and education new parents need at our Maternity Center – from labor and delivery classes to birthing plans to newborn care. So explore our site. Ask us questions. And arrange for a personal tour. You’ll find that the expert, personalized maternity care you deserve is right here, close to home.

From pre-natal testing to fetal monitoring to labor and delivery, we have the technology and expertise at our Maternity Center to ensure that you and your baby will be as safe as possible. Our fetal monitoring system lets your doctor and nurses constantly monitor your progress from multiple locations. We have a state-of-the-art operating room right on the floor. A pediatric provider will visit your newborn in your Maternity Center room every day and is also present for C-section and twin births.

Pediatric Care Alliance

Through the coordinated expertise of the Pediatric Care Alliance, a partnership between Hartford HealthCare and Connecticut Children’s Hospital, we also offer streamlined care close to home for children from birth to young adulthood.

This robust venture ensures that children and families in the communities we serve have access to the best possible care when and where they need it, and fosters innovation in pediatric healthcare for children of all ages.

Care is available in person and by video visits when necessary.

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We’d like you to see our facility, meet our nurses, and find out all we have to offer. Call to arrange for your personal tour.

Comfort & Security

Advanced Fetal Monitoring
Our state-of-the-art fetal monitoring system allows us to provide comprehensive, patient-focused care and data management throughout your labor. Using the Philips OBTraceVue System – an advanced fetal monitoring-system that is normally found only in large teaching hospitals – your doctor and nurses can access vital information wherever it’s needed – at your bedside, at the nurses’ central station, in your physician’s office, or even in his or her home.

Pre-Natal Testing
Concerns about having a normal healthy baby are completely natural. Fortunately, a number of tests are available to reassure you and keep you informed throughout your pregnancy. We can provide all necessary and appropriate pre-natal testing at all stages of your pregnancy at our Maternity Center including:

  • Blood work testing
  • Glucose tolerance test
  • Ultrasound
  • Rhogam – RH negative
  • Non-stress test

24-Hour Anesthesia
We provide 24-hour anesthesia at our Maternity Center. Whether you desire an epidural during labor, or require pain control during a C-section, we can administer precise and effective pain management, without making you drowsy, so you can
interact with your newborn and enjoy those special first family moments.

HUGS® Infant Protection Security System
The Xmark® Hugs system provides an unprecedented level of security for your newborn. With this easy-to-use system, your nurse will attach a tag around your baby’s ankle at birth. Your baby will then be automatically enrolled in the system, and you can be sure that, throughout your stay, your newborn will be safe.

Lactation Assessment and Counseling
While you’re here at our Maternity Center, our Certified Lactation Counselors are available to make sure you’re comfortable with nursing and familiar with proper techniques. Deciding how to feed your baby is a highly personal choice, however. So whether you choose to breast or bottle feed your baby, The CHH Maternity Center will support your choice and provide you with all the information you need to ensure that your baby feeds successfully. We also accommodate lactating moms after discharge, whether they have delivered here or elsewhere. Contact us, to arrange for an appointment with one of our Lactation Counselors. Your visit is covered by most health insurance plans.

Operating Room
For C-sections, we offer our patients a state-of-the-art Operating Room right in The Maternity Center. Being able to remain on the floor for your C-section is a major convenience. Our Maternity Center nurses are specially trained to assist your physician in the OR, so you will receive one-to-one care, even for a C-section.

If you are planning to be a surrogate mother, or are using the services of a surrogate, we offer unique expertise and experience in surrogacy planning and delivery. Our Maternity Center specialists will work effectively with all parties.

Rated A+ for Safety
Charlotte-Hungerford Hospital works continuously to maintain the highest standards of care at our Maternity Center. In fact, based on our ranking in the 98th percentile for patient care and safety, the Joint Commission has given our Maternity Center an A+ rating for patient safety.

During Your Stay

Single-Room Maternity Care
Some hospitals move you from room to room during labor, delivery, postpartum and recovery. We won’t. Your entire birthing experience will take place in one room. Each state-of-the-art room features unique décor and a large, private bath to provide the comfort and privacy you deserve.

Rooming in
After delivery, your nurse will care for you and your newborn as one at our maternity center. You’ll be able to “room-in” with your baby as much as you choose and share the event with your family. Our newborn nursery is available when babies need individualized attention, but we encourage new moms to spend as much time with their newborn as possible in our maternity center.

Family-Centered Care
We believe the birth of a new child is a family event. We encourage families to be part of the experience. Our rooms are comfortable, spacious, and designed to accommodate you, your coach, and your family. We have sleeping accommodations for your coach, as well as a large private bath in each room in our maternity center. Many of our patients said they didn’t feel like they were in a hospital. During labor and delivery, you’ll have a primary nurse who’ll stay with you the entire time to provide you with comfort and support. Your nurse will monitor your progress throughout your labor and work closely with your physician, pediatrician, and family. Our highly credentialed nurses at our maternity center are trained to handle all aspects of your labor and delivery. The extra level of personalized care they provide is an invaluable resource for each of our patients.

Our job, first and foremost, is to make you and your family as comfortable as possible. So we offer a number of special amenities at our maternity care clinic. We offer complimentary snacks and a lunch for your coach. And, after your delivery, we’ll treat you and your coach to a gourmet dinner, complete with Lobster or Filet Mignon, to celebrate your new arrival.

Education and Resources
Education is the key to making a new mom feel confident in caring for her baby. We offer a flexible schedule of birthing classes for you and your coach, as well as a wide range of resources designed to help new parents develop the skills and confidence they need to care for a newborn. We also offer outpatient lactation services at our maternity center (make an appointment). Because we’re a smaller hospital, we can provide you with more personal attention and support than you’d receive at many other hospitals. Even after they go home, all our new moms are encouraged to call us if they have questions.

Getting Ready

Having a baby is an exciting time. But, with so many decisions to make, it can also be a confusing time. That’s why it pays to plan ahead and learn as much as you can before your baby arrives. We offer a flexible birth planning schedule of parenting classes. We can help you with pre-natal testing. We also encourage all our mothers to develop a birthing plan. We’ll work with you to examine all the options for the best birthing plan at our Maternity Center – from natural childbirth to pain-relief options – and help you develop the plan that works best for you. We can even help you pack for your trip to the hospital. But one of the best ways to prepare is to come in for a personal tour for the best patient and family education. One of our trained nurses will show you around and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

What to Bring
To help you prepare for your special day, we have created a list of everything you may want to bring with you. Be sure to pack ahead of time, so you’re ready to go.

The Packing List for Moms

  1. Important documents
    • Picture ID
    • Insurance card
    • Birth plan
    • Living will
  2. Comfortable Clothing
    • Nursing bra or gown
    • Comfortable footwear
  3. Eyeglasses/Contact lenses and solution
  4. Toiletries, including lip balm
  5. Cell phone and charger
  6. Camera
  7. Nutritious snacks for partner
  8. Baby book
  9. Going home outfit for baby
  10. Going home blanket

Infant Car Seat – You must bring an infant car seat.
You must have a properly installed infant car seat before we can release your baby from the hospital’s Maternity Center.

Birthing Plan
Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Now what do you do? A good place to start is to make a birthing plan and get the best Patient and family education possible. A simple birthing plan can help organize your thinking and communicate your wishes for the successful birth to your caregivers. Before you begin, however, here are a few quick tips and things to consider:

If you would like to take your birthing experience one moment at a time, keep a journal: It will help you organize your thoughts, set priorities, and communicate your wishes. Don’t be shy. Share your thoughts with the loved ones who’ll be involved with your baby’s birth.

Pain management is an important part of any birthing plan. First of all, talk with your doctor about patient and family education. Share your thoughts about having a natural childbirth versus using pain medication. Ask about the pain management techniques available, as well as medications, and which ones he or she recommends. It’s important to let your physician and our nurses know how you wish to manage your labor pain before you get to the hospital. Be sure to let your doctor know any concerns you may have.

Discuss with your spouse, or your coach, which family members or friends you’d like to have with you at the hospital for your baby’s birth. Record your wishes in your journal. Your birthing plan should also record your thoughts about other important topics – such as how you wish to stay hydrated during labor, or how you’ll be transported to the hospital’s Maternity Center – as well as simpler things, like what clothes you’ll wear and what you’ll need after delivery.

Having a birthing plan is the best way to gain control over your birthing experience and communicate your wishes to our staff. We’re here to make sure your experience is everything you want it to be.

Patient Education & Classes

This is the key to making a new mom feel confident in caring for her baby. We offer a flexible schedule of Birthing classes for you and your coach, as well as a wide range of resources like patient and family education designed to help new parents develop the skills and confidence they need to care for a newborn. We also offer patient education like outpatient lactation services. Because we’re a smaller hospital, we can provide you with more personal attention and maternity education support than you’d receive at many other hospitals. Even after they go home, all our new moms are encouraged to call us if they have questions.

Please call The Maternity Center at 860.496.6395 for more information on our class offerings.

InJoy eLearningWhen in-person childbirth education classes are not possible, we have a solution - eLearning Childbirth Education!

The InJoy Health Education Learning Portal is an interactive, Web-based tool that contains animated illustrations, videos, voice-overs, and games. It's great not only for first-time parents but is also useful as a refresher course for repeat parents.


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